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SGX Approves and Implements Working Group Proposals. Which areas are proposals outlining?

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asked Apr 21 by Harvey80 (5,590 points)

1 Answer

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answered Apr 21 by KevinAdams (6,040 points)
The proposals initially outlined a total of six different areas, which were the culmination of an initiative launched back in September 2016 that sought to improve and foster the exchange’s operational prowess in Singapore’s securities market. As such, the areas the IWG touched on were considerations in the following:

Restoration of corrupt data
Market recovery procedures
Market closure and resumption
Trade assumption
Incident communication
Business continuity testing and support
commented Apr 21 by Harvey80 (5,590 points)
ANd how is approval done?
commented Apr 21 by KevinAdams (6,040 points)
Approval was done by the SGX in tandem with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which initially had formed the IWG last September.
commented Apr 21 by Harvey80 (5,590 points)
Thank you, you helped me a lot.

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