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Why social trading is a smart way for beginners to enter the financial markets

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asked Apr 19, 2017 by Mark (4,640 points)

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answered Apr 19, 2017 by Stan.Ostin (8,020 points)
Social trading is a smart way for beginners to gain exposure to the financial markets because it significantly lowers the learning curve for knowing and understanding how the market works.  Social trading allows you to distill the wisdom of the ‘crowd’ in order to make smart trading and investment decisions. Social trading helps you to understand the thought process that goes into the trading decisions of some of the most successful traders and investors on Wall Street.

Secondly, beginners don’t have to do much work in learning how social trading works or conducting due diligence. Some social trading experts such as InvestinGoal are committed to making social trading easy for beginners. You can always find reviews devoted to providing accurate information on what you can expect from some of the top social trading platforms available. You can also learn how to find the best traders, how to benchmark their success, and how to backtest their past performances.

Thirdly, social trading can be a valuable tool for creative a passive stream of income through trading and investments. Some social trading platforms can allow you to automate your trading such that your portfolio is synced to the portfolio of a successful veteran trader. Any moves that the veteran makes in their accounts will be replicated in your account. In essence, you’ll make money when the veteran makes money irrespective of whether you are actively involved in monitoring the trade or not.

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