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Why many beginners don’t understand social trading?

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asked 6 days ago by Clara (2,860 points)

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answered 6 days ago by Stan.Ostin (5,940 points)
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When most people hear about social trading for the first time, they are often confused about how social trading could help them reach their investing goals and objectives. To start with, trading is hard even when you are responsible for making your trading decisions. You’ll need to devote time and resources to studying and understanding the markets. Even after you most diligent preparatory efforts, the odds will still be stacked against most beginners because of many “uncontrollable” factors that could make the trade turn against them.

The fact that the financial markets doesn’t usually throw a welcome rug out for new traders and investors is key reason beginners are often skeptical of social trading. Of course, not many people will easily agree that they can improve their odds of trading success by following the activities of other traders and investors.
commented 6 days ago by Clara (2,860 points)
Thank you Stan on your answer.